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By: Carrie Ann Ryan | Relase Date: 2018-06-12 | Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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Fox is my favorite from this series. He just has diarrhea of the mouth. What ever he is thinking just comes out. He is so cute!!!
This book was fantastic!!! It drew me in from the start, and kept me sucked in til the very last sentence. I love the career path that the author put Melody on. Dancing isn’t a career you see many heroines in, so it was a nice change! Add in the fact she was starting her own business, it makes her kinda kick butt. I loved Fox. He was perfect for her! There weren’t headgames being played, and he never withheld how much she meant to him. The suspense in this book was perfect, and had me on the edge of my seat at times. I would definitely recommend one clicking this fantastic read!!!
This is the second book in the Collins brothers series. This is Fox’s story he is the youngest out of the three brothers but still older than the baby of the family Tabby from Montgomery Ink Series. The family is all close and loving it’s a wonderful. Even though everything is going great for Fox and his family, Fox feels like something or someone is missing. Fox can’t get a certain blonde outta his mind it was a one night stand that involved one to many shots of whiskey that night. Melody has just moved to the small town of Whiskey to start a new life and to live with her grandma Ms. Pearl and help her anyway she can but small towns nothing stays secret for long. Melody had hoped to stay under the radar but one evening as she grabs take out from the bar owned by Fox’s brother Dare she runs into the one person she’d hoped to avoid Fox. He’s the one night stand she’d hoped to forget but after seeing him the feelings toward him blossom instead of dying off and she’ll fight her hardest to deny them and him or anything they could have. Overall I loved Fox and Melody! Something about Fox just draws you in and can’t help but love him! This is a wonderful read and the storyline is amazing! Can’t wait to read more books in the series.
Oh my goodness what can I say about this book? Besides I absolutely loved it. Fox and melody were awesome together. Can not wait for more. I have never been disappointed with any of her books and I know I never will.
I enjoyed this book. While Fox may not have been as “alpha” as some other book heroes, he was still strong and passionate. Melody is s woman who has made some mistakes, but ready to move on with a fresh start. The two of them try to keep romance at bay and be friends, to no avail. I also enjoyed the family dynamics. Fox’s family is loyal and supportive, while Miss Pearl is a hoot. The sex scenes were hot & the romance is fulfilling. I’m looking forward to the next book.
After a night of whiskey shots and lots of chemistry Melody and Fox had the best night of their lives. Three months later they find each other but Melody doesn’t want a relationship. It’s a pretty sweet story since Fox is a sweet guy with his own sexy side. Melody is turning over a leaf and decided Whiskey would be where she put down roots. There’s a little suspense with someone stalking Melody and her own secrets from the past. Fox is a steady rock by her side though even when she sent him to the friend zone. Lovely book on the Whiskey series! I can not wait for Loch’s story...
Fox won me over from his first appearance on the page. He’s a dedicated, hard-working and extremely loyal man. He’s got those alpha tendencies that I tend to love in my heroes, but he also knows how to be a gentle, caring and extremely sensual man. I also can’t forget mention that Fox is pretty high up on my hotness scale. Fox’s personality and attitude make him a very like man. Melody has talent, drive and a touch of sass that puts her in a class that’s all her own. She starting a new chapter of her life, in a small town while still trying to heal from the consequences of bad choices. Melody has those dreamer tendencies and a caring nature that make her the wonderful person she is. Whiskey may have been the catalyst, but chemistry and connection always get you in the end. Fox and Melody shared night of whiskey fueled passion that left way more than a hangover the next morning. Leaving two people with a longing of something or should I say someone more in their lives. Fox and Melody dance around the feelings they share giving readers a sweet, sensual tale of love that heats up pretty quickly. Whiskey Reveals is low on the drama and all about the feels. I really enjoyed the connection between Melody and Fox. The way that Melody revealed her secrets and the way Fox receives and reacts is worth the story alone. Whiskey Reveals is entertaining, sweet and hot. The perfect combination in a romance.