The President Is Missing PDF Download

By: James Patterson & Bill Clinton | Relase Date: 2018-06-04 | Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers, Fiction & Literature

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Masterfully written! I could hardly stop after I started reading. It could very well happen in the present times.
I bought this book for my daughter who is interested in politics as it seemed very interesting to read a thriller written by a former president. At first it seemed like an interesting plot but after reading a bit more I was surprised at the inappropriate language and comments that had nothing to do with the plot. It was extremely uncomfortable to read and she stopped a little after finishing the 3rd chapter. I would not recommend anyone to read this book and I would strongly discourage young people from reading. For parents: Please read reviews and do your research before letting your child read a book. As harmless as the cover might seem, you never know what is inside. Do not let your child go through the same thing that happened to mine after reading this book.
Very disappointed
MD Phelan
Great read on so many levels. James Patterson at his page turning best and Mr Clinton’s presidential experience and intelligence evident throughout. It is a must read for all Americans, especially in this politically divisive and technologically dangerous time. Mark Phelan
Kathy 60
I loved, loved, loved this book. Could not put it down! It will scare the hell out of you because it could be a true story! I have been fans of both these men for years, this book was amazing!
I love a tale that keeps me guessing and moves fast!
Yeah if you are looking for a professional writer whose been writing for years, then find a boring book written like a first time writer. By all means waste your money.