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By: Mary Kay Andrews | Relase Date: 2018-05-08 | Genre: Fiction & Literature, Romance

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I believe this book has been my favorite by this author. I really enjoyed the storyline as well as the characters!
Nice summer read - fairly predictable but there are some interesting characters and a few plot twists but you see most of them coming. Didn’t care for some of the choppiness later in the book - flashbacks, short chapters and the author seemed in a hurry to finish so some of the sub plots were rushed, possibly in an effort to tie it all up in a neat package. There are a lot of characters and story lines and it took effort to keep them all straight. If you’re looking for a happy book, then this is for you.
Love Mary Kay Andrews and was anxiously awaiting this book. Story was good... just too long with too many details to keep me hooked. Skimmed to the end at times.
Really interesting twists and turns. Long but worth the read!!
Big Orange Girl
I love kicking off summer with a MKA book! Last year just wasn’t the same without one. The High Tide Club makes up for it! The book is filled with love, friendship, and mystery. I just couldn’t put it down!
What house?
I love her writing and stories. This is the first in years, so I was happy to see she was back. Thoroughly enjoyed the book. Can’t wait for more.
To me, this is the best one yet!! I’d love a sequel.